Updating new computers

17-Nov-2017 10:56

Luckily, the right hardware upgrades can significantly improve your computer's performance.

Here are some guidelines for deciding what to upgrade.

You should only update your BIOS if the new version contains an improvement you need. When you power your computer on, your BIOS takes control, starting the power-on self test (POST) and passing control over to the boot loader, which boots your computer’s operating system.

The BIOS is low-level system software that should “just work” without getting in your way.

When installing a new processor, the key consideration (besides number of cores and speed) is finding one that will work with your motherboard.

There are plenty of tutorials available online for each of these upgrades, including video tutorials that will walk you through the process step by step.

Updating your operating system and software is important.

On the other hand, we have previously covered why you shouldn’t generally update your hardware drivers, although gamers will definitely want to update their graphics drivers. BIOS updates will not make your computer faster, they generally won’t add new features you need, and they may even cause additional problems.

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And upgrading laptop hardware will usually be more complicated than upgrading desktop computer hardware.When you know what you're doing, upgrading computer components can help in certain situations.But it's important to weigh the time and cost of making the upgrade against the time and productivity you may be losing by not making it.If your old drive is still functional, consider adding a drive instead of removing and replacing the older one.

Most desktop computer motherboards can handle up to four hard drives, including the optical drive.

Before deciding you need a hardware upgrade, make sure you actually have a hardware problem.

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