Sunderland book of remembrance online dating

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text), and was customary in the time of the kings ( 2 Kings ).At a later period, however, all movement was restricted to a distance of 2000 cubits (between five and six furlongs), or a "sabbath day's journey" ( Acts ).

The day thus being the Lord's, it required that man should abstain from working for his own ends and interests, since by working he would appropriate the day to himself, and that he should devote his activity to God by special acts of positive worship.

Synagogal worship belongs to the post-Exilic period; still it is probably a development of an old custom.

In earlier days the people were wont to go to hear the instructions of the Prophets ( 2 Kings ), and it is not unlikely that meetings for edification and prayer were common from the oldest times.

(b) New loaves of proposition were placed before the Lord ( Leviticus 24:5 ; 1 Chronicles ).

(c) A sacred assembly was to be held in the sanctuary for solemn worship ( Leviticus 23:2-3 , Heb. We have no details as to what was done by those living at a distance from the sanctuary.Hence, in the second place, the Israelites are bidden to remember that they were once slaves in Egypt, and should therefore in grateful remembrance of their deliverance rest themselves and allow their bond-servants to rest ( Deuteronomy -15 ).