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She was devoted to Christ and well known for her deeds; she was ever inclined to give her gifts to the poor; she calmed quarrels and relieve the pregnant.

She was beauteous in body and her face was gentle and pretty.

He married Anne daughter of the Emperor Charles IV of Bohemia, and sister of King Wenceslas IV, in Westminster Abbey in January 1382 and was devoted to her.

She was crowned two days later by Archbishop Courtenay. An illuminated manuscript in the Abbey Library, the Liber Regalis, is said to have been written for use at her coronation.

She provided solace to widows, and medicine to the sick.

In 1394 on a pleasant seventh day of the month of June, she passed over.

He was truthful in discourse and full of reason: Tall in body, he was prudent in his mind as Homer.

He showed favour to the Church, he overthrew the proud and threw down anybody who violated the royal prerogative. O merciful Christ, to whom he was devoted, may you save [Richard], through the prayers of the Baptist, whom he esteemed"Anne's part of the inscription can be translated as:"Beneath a broad stone now Anna lies entombed; when she lived in the world she was the bride of Richard the Second.

However, rumours spread that he was actually murdered so his body was brought for public view to St Paul's cathedral in London and then was buried at a friary in Langley, Hertfordshire. The documentaries cover everything from music and cinema, to literature, religion, politics and physics.