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03-Dec-2017 23:11

Even though John Partridge designed the British duffle coat, he clearly was inspired by the Polish “frock” coat.It was first introduced around 1820 and gained some popularity in continental Europe in the 1850’s.Just like the modern duffle coat, it was tailored with a hood and a horizontal toggle closure.

As such, it does not surprise that he was even made into a wax figure – wearing the Monty coat, of course.

The Belgian town of Duffel in the province of Antwerp was known as a clothmaking town in the 15th century that exported its cloth all over Europe.

The “duffel” fabric itself was a black, rough woolen fabric, and the duffle coat was in fact named after it.

At the time, John Partridge, a British purveyor of outerwear, began to design and offer the duffle coat for sale.

The look back then was quite different from today, though it already featured the characteristic wooden toggles.I think this was simply an effect that came with the age of the woolen fabric since new duffle coats did seem to have it.

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