David deangelo advanced dating techniques review

28-Nov-2017 15:21

His e-book is a definitely good for someone who is a beginner.

David De Angelo is your average guy who’s figured out what genuinely works with women — no tricks, no games, no manipulation.

the ebook was the first thing that i ever read abotu seduction and is what got me into the game i found it informative and great for building upon it really got the ball rollin inmy case not only did it have great ideas for techniques and dates it also came with 3 additional e books that wnet into greater depth on things discussed in the main one bridges - talked about moving from one step to the next (date to house to bed) sexual secrets - talked about techinques to warm her up build comfort and moved onto techniques for between the sheets Lover and provider - (havent read it in a bit) i think it covered some of the psycology surrounding attraction and seduction, and why they are attracted to certain types on men all in all i found the materials beneficial to my game David De Angelo - Double Your Dating I watched all of these about 2 weeks ago. Some will knock him for repeating the same concepts over and over but for me I dont mind hearing someone repeat things a couple of times because it allows it to sink in more.

One of the strong positives of this series is that he brings out a lot of guest speakers. Some of the speakers (as with the Cliff's Conference) were not that strong but that is bound to happen.

He’s open about what he knows and sharing that with you.

Overall if you can borrow disc 3 and 4 I would, skip the rest except for the beginning of disc 5 for the wing girls. Tyler ran what looked to me like a mini RSD, and Mystery's comments on this program are what really got me interested in this stuff.Mystery broke down a1 - c1 in his usual amazing fashion.