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12-Dec-2017 10:57

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because you will find nothing but black people on there.I don't have anything against black people, im just warning you.You try to be worth the most, have the most money and most assets.In the terms of agreement, you agree not to stalk anyone or harass anyone.

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They have guys who prey on females begging for sex desperate,men with bad teeth no car,no job,6 kids 6 moms run run...many of them telling you stories of how they have no job,living in a car bs straight up bums even men in 49s,50s just crazy hope it shuts down,who post drugs,guns in the status? tagged men.heard it all..i deleted my page its just nasty.He claimed his phone stopped working and wanted me to search for him. He ended up coming to meet me at the coffee shop we planned, and the date was awkward.That guy ended up stalking me to my work, he would costantly ask the mutual friend where i was, or what I was up to. I had to block his number due to the absurd amount of texts I got. End of the story being I had to cut ties with him, delete my tagged account, block him from my email, and block both his numbers.Most of the women are fat as hell and if they're not they act like entitled princesses.

I'd rather masturbate and do my own thing then mess with any of these so called women. Its based off of photos, and if you're attractive you get people from all over the world hitting you up, asking for your personal info.

Say you buy a picture no one owns, then someone buys it off you and you buy it back.

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For insight into dating today, we asked a variety of daters about their experiences. hen I was little, I thought that by 35 I would have a successful career, a loving husband and children.… continue reading »

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