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25-Dec-2017 23:05

"Two months later, the bubble burst when our manager Alan gave us the bad news that the record company had folded. Back to the drawing board and back on the road touring....We carried on touring into 1970, but started to drift apart musically, I wanted to explore the rock side and break away from the bluesy feel the band had developed.I put my head 'round the door to see three young head-banging, crazy, long haired guys, amps full up." "Alan was quite an experienced musician, and apart from being a vocalist he was also quite a good drummer, guitarist, and songwriter.We were over the moon that he was impressed by our playing and so we agreed to have him in the group." The lineup now complete, they were undecided about a name.

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"Among the audience that night was another singer called Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) who we were introduced to.

The big jump was asking ourselves, 'Do we quit our jobs or do we keep it as [just] a hobby? Ken and I quit our jobs and John unfortunately didnt." For the remainder of the year, Judas Priest maintained their rigorous tour schedule throughout the Midlands, playing for just 10 pounds per night (their price would later rise to 25 pounds).