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White Expenditures – Demographic Data on the Black Population According to Forbes magazine, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., made more than 0 million in 2015. If you want to educate yourself and others about how to earn and spend your money responsibly, read the book, , by James Clingman. He’s also the founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce and the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people. is available through the website Amazon Kindle e-Books.There is a great organization called World of Money.For more information call 312-408-1881, or click here to purchase online. With 6 Billion in Total Earning Power, only 1 Million Spent on Books while .4 Billion Spent on Hair and Personal Care Products and Services (November 1, 2010) African Americans consumers are cautiously increasing their spending in some key product categories, even as they continue to make adjustments in a slowly growing economy.

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Over time, when things go unchallenged, they seem normal.

Estimated Expenditures by Black Households – 2009 Source: Target Market News, “The Buying Power of Black American – 2010” “The Buying Power of Black America” is one of the nation’s most quoted sources of information on African-American consumer spending.

It is used by hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporations, leading advertising agencies, major media companies and research firms. The CE data is compiled from more than 3,000 Black households nationally through dairies and interviews.

African-Americans’ total earned income for 2009 is estimated at 6 billion.

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The report, which is published annually by Target Market News, also contains data that reflect the economic hardships all consumers are facing.

Johnson – Publisher, Black Men In Updated December 25, 2017 (Originally posted on November 5, 2010).