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Alice, 26, gave the impression of being bright, fun and happy by wearing vibrant colours.Dating expert James Preece explained that wearing black can make you look cold and somewhat unapproachable, while colour suggests a warm personality A spokesperson for online retailer uk who carried out the study said: 'We think it's great the girls did the test.Such children are also more at risk of poverty, poor health, unhappiness and poor performance at school, sexual or physical abuse, running away from home, heavy drinking and smoking, drug-taking, falling into crime, early sex, sexually transmitted infections and teenage parenthood.

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According to the analysis by researcher Rebecca O'Neill, children without fathers are twice as likely as others to be in low-income homes and two to three times more likely to show as unhappy in tests than children with both parents.North East Hampshire and Wycombe are next on 7 per cent, while Devizes and South Norfolk are on 8 per cent.